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Day 4

Well, I’ve been walking so much that my feet are really beginning to feel the effects of my sedentary lifestyle Christmas at home had encouraged. My friend suggested I go for a real Thai massage at a place her work sends their clients to. The place, Ruen-naud Massage Studio on Soi Convent. I told her I would be into that, as I figured, when in Rome …

The real feat was finding it. I walked down Lang Suan, the road Stephanie lives on, and proceeded to find my way in to Lumphini Park. The thing about this park is that it’s home to monitor lizards. These giant reptiles, so I was told, are afraid of humans. They’re carnivorous. Uh huh. So, of course, I’m walking through the park minding my own business when one of these giant cold-blooded beasts just starts waddling across a walkway. I admit. I was startled. The locals kind of giggled at me.

Honestly, he's only about 1.5 to 2 meters long. What's there to worry about?

Honestly, he’s only about 1.5 to 2 meters long. What’s there to worry about?

I found Silom Road and kept making my way down to find Soi Convent. I keep marvelling at the number of foreigners everywhere in Bangkok. It doesn’t seem to matter where I am, I keep running into them. I know there are a lot of expats, but I commonly overhear someone with an accent go on about something that is different back home.

A quick text message to the Bat Cave and I found the massage studio. First things first, they had me remove my shoes and put on a pair of sandals. Prices were 350 baht for an hour, 500 for 1.5 hours and 600 for two hours. I only did 1.5 hours because I figured I’d save $3. I put my stuff into a locker (with a key) and proceeded upstairs. IMG_0484

The lady who checked me in washed my feet. It was weird. I’ve never really had anyone do that to me before. I kind of liked it, but somehow I felt I’d transcended some threshold to which I can never return. Next she took me to a space with a mattress on the floor, walls (with no ceiling) and a bamboo curtain creating a kind of cubicle. Here she told me to change into some thai pants and a top. And then I waited – for what I knew not. I was worried about the massage causing my RA to flare, but so far so good!

I cannot fully describe Thai massage. My masseuse was a rather large lady. She started with my feet and calves. She kneaded and pulled and pressed and kneaded and stretched and knelt-on and dug-in and flexed and nearly ripped my leg off. It felt wonderful. She moved to my arms. She had me flip over. She did my legs a big again, my arms again. My back. OMG. My back. I wanted to cry. She told me I was tight. She twisted me. She flexed me. She cracked me. How did my leg even get into that postion? Then she got me some lemongrass tea (which was the best tea I’ve ever had.) And after I drank that she went at it again. Only this time my neck. My back. My arms. My spine. Oh my spine. Then we were done. Just like that. I got changed feeling like I’d just been man-handled by a ninja. She brought me more tea. I went downstairs put on my shoes, got my bag and left. I was foggy-headed. Everything hurt but felt so good. I wandered off into Silom in a daze.IMG_0488

On the way home I stopped along the side of the street and had some soup from the vendors that line Lumphini Park’s north side. I basically pointed at some stuff, made a bowl with my hands and tried to tell them I wanted soup. A few minutes later a bowl of soup with chicken and liver arrived. It was so yummy. IMG_0499

The lady who made my soup. I'm sure she thought I was crazy.

The lady who made my soup. I’m sure she thought I was crazy.

My other mission was to go find a pharmacy to get my minocycline refilled. I tried Steph’s pharmacy up the street, but they didn’t have it. I figured I’d leave that tomorrow. I went back to the apartment and fell asleep for three hours only waking when Steph got home from work. IMG_0506

We took a taxi to Vertigo at the Banyon Tree and had an $8 drink on the rooftop bar. To be fair, the view was breath-taking. From there we went for dinner to old reliable Khao San Road area and had pizza at a Sawasdee Terrace on Rambuttri. I think I’m gonna miss this place, but something in me is telling me to shove on soon. Perhaps in the next few days I’ll be making my way east.

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  1. I can’t wait to be man-handled by a ninja when someday I go to Thailand (soon I hope!).

    sKY:: February 7, 2013 at 7:10 am Reply

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