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Posted from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

There is no greater pleasure than making mom smile. After being a pain in her ass for much of my life, I’ve tried in my latter years to be a good daughter, but it’s not so easy when I live so far from home, do dangerous things that I’m sure keep her blood-pressure up, and am constantly traveling everywhere I can – except to Thunder Bay.

So when my plans for summer began to become all messed up I had some big choices to make. Do I stay in Europe and try to make my joblessness work? Or do I head back to North America where I know I can get work? By the time I booked all my tickets … home … two jobs popped up in Europe. Damn. Isn’t that the way it always happens? Two great jobs doing exactly what I enjoy doing. But I booked those tickets for a reason and they were non-refundable. So after a couple of pit-stops, and some hemming and hawing I was on my way home. I told my mom I was headed to Ireland.

It was really really hard to lie to her. People tagged me in Facebook photos that I had to quickly remove  before she had a chance to see. And when she kept asking me what my next plans were I had to keep her in the dark, and lie to her. This also means that I had to keep many people in the dark.

But this is how it went down.

I had contacted my lifelong friend Kevin to collect me at the airport in Thunder Bay. I was flying in from Montreal when I was supposedly in Ireland. My flight got in just after 11 p.m. and Kevin was concerned that my mother would be asleep. I had none of these concerns. My mom is a bit of a night owl – a trait I’m sure came from many dedicated years working the night shift. But in the off chance that she would be asleep I knew I could slip into the house and surprise her – hopefully before she got to a phone and called the police.

So around 11:30 p.m. Kevin and I waltz up to the house, he’s recording with his phone (and has yet to send me the video,) and I rap on the 30-year-old screen door. Then I hear barking inside. When did my mom get a dog? Have things changed so much in the few months I was gone? The lady who said she would never get another pet after the family cat died has gotten a dog? On top of the other cat she adopted? My mom comes to the door, cracks it ajar and some little beast of a yapping dog pokes its nose through the crack – yelping to all bloody horror – as she manages to get out a very disgruntled, unimpressed and kind of snotty “What?!”

Uh, gee mom.

But I guess this is what you get when you surprise a woman at home alone at nearly midnight. Fair enough.

“Uh hi.”

Then mom got startled, said “what” a few more times with a lot more surprise, confusion and wonderment. Then she said to hang on while she put the dog away so she could open the door.

Kevin just laughed. Not exactly the home-coming I was expecting, eh?

Mom opened the door wide and let us in. Kevin and I were laughing by this point at the absurdness of it – and of the dog. Apparently mom was dog-sitting my brother’s pooch. Yappy little bugger.

Mom and me (from another time)

Mom and me (from another time)

But you know. I got inside, dropped my bag off and got that mommy-hug we all know we need every now and then. I told her before she got too excited that I was only home for three days. I had to go work for  a couple of months and make a bit of money. She didn’t really care.

Then I told her I wasn’t really in Ireland. Heh. That went over surprisingly well.

Me and my family. Don't we all look a like?

Me and my family. Don’t we all look a like?

I didn’t really take any photos, but in the three days I was home I got to see my uncle, my cousin and her husband whom I haven’t seen in years! They were in town at the same time. I got to see some friends. And I got to go through my storage stuff that was delivered to my mom’s whilst I was in Thailand. Oh, and some of mom’s cooking, sleeping in my old room and unpacking that damn backpack. And I could finally go to the doctor and get my RA meds.

So really, this post kind of concludes my travel extravaganza, at least for this lag. I’m off to work for the next little bit, but I’m sure I’ll have more to write soon. I wonder where I’m gonna go next.


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