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Posted from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand.

IMG_0334China Town! That’s right. After the long canal ride home and a brief rest, Steph and I went and met her girlfriend at home and then headed out in a taxi. The first taxi driver told us the China Town evening market on Yarowarat was closed on Sunday and wanted to take us to a Thai restaurant. The girls were having none of it suspecting he was trying to earn some commission by taking people to a family business or the like, and he wasn’t running the meter, so we got out. Three taxis later we finally got our lift.

China Town is very similar to any other China Town – it’s just madness. Soi stands for alley, and Texas, well, that apparently has to do with a karaoke joint near the corner where we went to eat. Soi Texas is renowned for it’s seafood, and most travel blogs or tour books recommend visiting this location. IMG_0337

As much as I thought it was funny to have Chinese food in Thailand, truth was, it was Thai food done with a Chinese twist. Thailand has the largest and most established overseas Chinese community outside of China. That being said, the food was to die for.

We ate at a little joint called Lek and Rut that was very popular with the tourists. Not being a pro at Chinese food, as I never eat it back home, I let Jules and Steph order. We got some fried prawns, morning glory mix, some mushroom dish, a soup, and some calamari, and some beer. For all three of us the bill came to 1100 baht. That’s about $36.

Our amazing meal! Half-eaten.

Our amazing meal! Half-eaten.

The interesting thing about all this is the table was in the street. The curb was two feet behind my plastic stool and cars were driving past as this is a regular thing I’m seeing in Bangkok. If there’s not enough room for the establishment on the sidewalk, they just move it onto the street and fuck up the traffic. But the traffic is pretty much fucked up anyway.

After we finished our food we walked to a main street to catch a taxi over to a place they like to go where they have VW vans converted into bars. No joke of a lie.

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