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From the not so magical land of Ubud I travelled to Sanur, a sleepy seaside town on the east coast of Bali. Sure, there are more famous towns I could’ve gone to. And I’m not quite sure why I chose Sanur, but to be honest, I thought it was on the west coast, and realized only after arriving that I had confused it with Seminyak (which is on the west coast.) IMG_6373 My shuttle ride over was only $5, which isn’t too bad considering a taxi would’ve been twice that. On the ride I befriended a couple from Estonia who wound up following me to my pre-arranged guesthouse, Prima Cottages only a 10-minute waltz from the beach. The gueshouse has a pool, free breakfast and two caged civets – the animals that are fed coffee berries so they can poop them out and provide gourmet pooped coffee beans to caffeine connoisseurs. I wonder why I never tried it.

These guys had some pretty fearsome claws. Keep all fingers and objects out of the cage.

These guys had some pretty fearsome claws. Keep all fingers and toes out of the cage.

The town itself is not as busy as Ubud or Kuta. There’s still heaps of bottom-feeding taxi drivers to raise your blood pressure, but apart from that, the area is nice. Resorts line the beach, which honestly is not the nicest beach I’ve been to. It could be because the weather was terrible during my time on Bali proper, but it was the slow season, which is code for the rainy season. There were plenty of loungers out, though, oblivious to the looming water-filled clouds about to discharge their loads upon us all. At least on the beach I was free from taxi drivers. But then you get rid of one pest and you acquire another. Now people wanted me to buy sarongs or massages or ice cream or souvenirs. Le sigh.

The beach in Sanur. Not very busy, but not all what you'd expect from Bali.

The beach in Sanur. Not very busy, but not all what you’d expect from Bali.

I spent two nights in my $25/night guest house before moving to an air-conditioned dorm on the other side of town – which was only $10/night. Cafe Loca has the same owners. And it had a swimming pool too. And free breakfast. The really nice thing about my new accommodation was the cheap warung down the road – where I ate for $0.80 one day. Oh yah. But this place was also surrounded by four and five-star resorts, so the warung was kind of an anomaly. All the Western-style eateries were gouging the tourists for prices they can find on menus at home. Menus in dives, but that’s not the point. I can’t justify paying $8 for a burger and fries. I just can’t. Even if this is “Bali.”

A typical Bali warung.

A typical Bali warung.

I didn’t wander too much in Sanur, and there’s not all that much to see. As soon as you approach the areas surrounding Kuta building and development take over the land. Bali is packed in the south – packed with people, restaurants and guesthouses. I’m not even that sure where people live. The weather continued to dominate, however. Everyday it rained. Poured. Stormed. One night the thunder was so loud I thought the storm was in the swimming pool. So my four days in Sanur were spent mostly inside. I was okay with that.

The sleepy streets of Sanur.

The sleepy streets of Sanur.

I’m exhausted. I have been travelling for 130 days and I’m kind of spent. I’m not too sure how people do this for years, but I’m thinking it must be easier if you spend at least a week in each location. That would give one time to relax and unwind.  But my travels are far from over. Soon I fly to Singapore (at 6 a.m.)where I have a 12-hour layover before heading to Paris. Ah Paris. It will be so nice to experience civilization again after so much time in poor SE Asia, (apart from Singapore.) The only drawback is the cold weather in France. I think I’m gonna freeze. C’est froid!

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