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If Salzburg has one claim to fame it’s being the setting for the Sound of Music. It’s next claim is being the birth place of Mozart. This little Austrian town sits on the edge of the Alps just over the border from Germany. It’s a short trip from Munich, being about halfway to Vienna.


The beautiful old town of Salburg, Austria

My hostel, Yoho, was a short walk from the train station and not too far from the Danube River. There were plenty of tours on offer at the hostel, the most common being visits to a bunch of sites where the movie was filmed, but they were quite expensive. I’m not too attached to the movie, so I opted to not participate. I did, however, watch the movie again as the hostel played it at 8 p.m. every single night. Could you imagine working at that place and knowing that 8 p.m. came every day?


The fort on top of the hill is a nice visit.

I spent my day in Salzburg walking around the city and exploring it’s urban landscape. Salzburg is beautiful, typical and full of stunning architecture. Down one street I found buildings that were built right up to the edge of a rock wall. I was impressed by that. There were multiple bridges spanning the Danube, with large footpaths on either side. On a sad note, there were also quite a lot of people begging for money at almost every corner. 


These cool buildings were built into the sides of the rock walls. How cool.

There is a large fortress on the top of the hill that you can take a tram up to for €12 – which also includes the entry price to wander around its impressively boring grounds. There’s a few displays/museums of some old things that were uncovered in the fortress, but apart from the gift shop, there’s not much else. I’d say save yourself the money and walk around the paths on the outside of the fortress.


The paths along the river are used by both pedestrians and cyclists.

From the top of the hill the view of the surrounding Alps is breathtaking, and it’s easy to see why so many people come to see this little city.

Within the city there’s Mozart Square, and some very beautiful churches. There’s the Mozart museum, horse and carriage rides, ans tons of coffee shops. For some reason there was also a huge bicycle event going on at Mozart Square.

One of things everyone says to try in Austria is sachretorte. It’s a chocolate cake that, if you are a chocolate lover shouldn’t be missed. But I’m a bit strange in that chocolate isn’t my favourite thing in the world. And my stomach wasn’t quite up to it.

I spent my days still battling a souvenir I had gotten in Egypt – mummy tummy. Eating was a bit difficult because my stomach was still flipping around itself a lot. That’s all I’m gonna say about that, apart from that the pharmacist I visited set me up with some good pills and probiotics.


The narrow walking streets in the town centre.

While I lamented not wanting to spend the money on the Sound of Music Tour, there were other tours that take you out into the mountains. A bunker that Hitler used isn’t far away, there are lakes you can see, and there are some great hikes that can be done also.

I only gave myself one full day in Salzburg because I knew it was a small place, but also because my next stop was to be Vienna, and I wanted to spend more time there. But I’m glad I didn’t miss this beautiful city.

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