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Posted from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand.

IMG_0524Before I left Canada I went to see a doctor as I was curious about how my RA was doing. I asked her to order me a bunch of blood work and if it was possible to have my elbow x-rayed. My left elbow has been a royal pain in my ass for more than a year. The good news was my blood work came back showing RA activity, but at a far far lesser extent than the year before. Yay!

The doctor wrote me a prescription to refill my minocycline, but at $125 for 100 pills I thought it may be in my bests interest to wait until I got to Thailand to buy my drugs. I had already purchased two 200-pill bottles of Aleve (which have already come in handy) so all I needed was my minocycine.

I figured it would be easy to find as it’s a common antibiotic. Or so I thought. It has many different names – that I knew. But the Thai pharmacies near home didn’t seem to carry it. And in some cases they wanted to sell me some other kind of anti-biotic. I didn’t want to explain. I just told them it wouldn’t work and left disappointed. So I ended up having to go online and get advice from travel bloggers who have been there done that.

The travel blog basically said to go to Nana station as there were a bunch of pharmacies there. Rather than trying to hit every single one and test my luck I decided to just go to the one they recommend. I walked to Nana station area and began looking around for this South East pharmacy. When I finally located it I was in luck. They had Mino! It’s generic. I’m sure of it. The pharmacist told me that they use it for acne. I told him I use it for rheumatoid arthritis. It cost about $75US to get the necessary 200 pills (50mg) to cover me for 50 more days. When those are up I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’ll worry about that then. I have five more days of my US-bought Teva brand minocycline and then I’ll be on to this other stuff.

Who knows! Maybe it’ll work better or maybe it won’t work at all. It’s gonna be hard to tell with the amount of walking and general abuse I’ve been inflicting on my body since I got to southeast Asia. But at least I know that it exists here. Yay!

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